Practical VW for the family, leisure and utility come with promotional prices. You have the last chance with Multivan 6.1!

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles brings another wave of discounts on a number of its models. Let’s start with this smallest, although still very practical. The Caddy in a personal version with a 2.0 TDI engine with a power of 75 kW and a manual gearbox is now available from CZK 632,999 including VAT, the Cargo box version for self-employed people is available from CZK 509,000 excluding VAT. As part of the promotional offer, you can also purchase the Caddy Maxi model, with a 1.5 TSI engine from CZK 739,441 including VAT, or as a Caddy Cargo Maxi from CZK 603,221 excluding VAT.

In addition to these variants, discounts of almost 90,000 crowns also apply to the diesel 2.0 TDI in weaker and stronger versions (75 kW or 90 kW) as well as versions with DSG automatic transmission. The customer also gets a discount for the higher Life and Style equipment.

TEST VW Multivan Long Style 2.0 TSI DSG: The longest, the most petrol, the best?

Now the classic Multivan 6.1 is saying goodbye with a discount of up to CZK 368,000 – this applies to the Highline equipment in combination with 4Motion all-wheel drive (which the new Multivan 7 does not have), a 2.0 TDI engine with 150 kW. For the Comfortline grade, the discount reaches CZK 358,000 – you can buy it from CZK 1,579,000. However, the promotion only applies to stock cars and models already entered into production, custom configuration is no longer possible.

You can assemble the current generation Multivan according to your wishes, even with a discount of up to 262,000 CZK. You can get it with the diesel 2.0 TDI starting from CZK 1,147,020, the successful gasoline 2.0 TSI is available from CZK 1,182,531. Discounts can be applied to the short and long versions and to all trim levels.

TEST Volkswagen Caddy 2.0 TDI 4Motion: The ideal machine for the family finally with four wheels!

ID.Buzz demonstration and stock cars are now available at interesting prices, with Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles also promising attractive equipment. Demonstrators in a personal configuration start at CZK 1,349,000 including VAT, warehouses at CZK 1,455,700. You can get warehouse cars in the Cargo utility model from 950,413 CZK without VAT.