Discounts on VW commercial vehicles apply to warehouses, but also to brand new cars. For example, the new generation of Multivan or Caddy can easily be put into production with the equipment of your choice at a discounted price. “For the Multivan T 6.1 model, there are only stock cars to choose from, because the possibility of entering into production has ended. So it’s definitely not worth delaying,” says Mirka Cimrová, head of the VW Commercial Vehicles division.

Discounts start with the compact Caddy model, which comes in the sale as a box and personal version. You can get the work variant from CZK 509,000 without VAT, the personal variant with a 75 hp 2.0 TDI engine and manual transmission costs CZK 632,999 including VAT. So you can save almost ninety thousand crowns.

The end-of-life VW Multivan 6.1 can boast of a huge discount. In the richly equipped Comfortline variant with a 204-horsepower two-liter diesel engine, automatic transmission and four-wheel drive, it starts at 1,579,000 CZK, which is 358,000 crowns less than before! If you go for the more equipped Highline version, you will save another ten thousand.

Photo: Lukáš Kukla, Garáž.cz

The promotion also applies to the extended Caddy Maxi. It is based on a petrol fifteen-door car and costs CZK 603,221 without VAT as a working car, or CZK 739,441 with VAT as a passenger car. It can therefore be an interesting alternative to family MPVs. The discount also applies to other engines, including diesels.

The current Multivan T7 with two-liter petrol and diesel and in both body lengths also received a discount. Today, the Multivan T7 2.0 TDI starts at 1,147,020 CZK, the discount in this case goes up to 262,000.

Surprisingly, the promotion also applies to the electric delivery of the ID. Buzz. The working version with a huge cargo space in the back costs from 950,413 CZK without VAT. The variant for larger families costs from CZK 1,349,000 including VAT, so it is the most advantageous offer since the electric bus was launched on the market.