After the Renault Master, the new generation saw the Nissan Interstar as well. It will be easier to live with and will also get an electric version.

The collaboration between Renault and Nissan also extends to the commercial vehicle segment, although we don’t often see the Interstar van on the road. More famous is its alliance sibling Renault Master. At the end of last year, it saw a new generation, which is now also being received by the Nissan Interstar.

It will arrive on the European market at the end of this year and will attract customers at first glance with its atypical design. The front is dominated by a wide radiator grille complete with the logo and a central strip with the inscription Interstar. The lights are relatively narrow, the LED daytime running lights are all the more prominent. At the same time, it is not just about design. Aerodynamics have improved by 20 percent between generations, which has a positive effect on range, especially for the electric model.

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Yes, in addition to the traditional diesel engines, the Interstar will also get an electric version, following the example of Renault. There will be a choice of a basic 40kWh and a larger 87kWh, with which the van will travel over 460 km. Thanks to the DC charging option, you get a range of 200 km with the smaller battery and 252 km with the larger battery in 30 minutes. AC charging isn’t slow either. You can go from 10 to 100 percent in 4 hours. The car company does not mention news about diesel engines. You can currently get the Interstar with two 2.3-liter diesels with outputs of 99 and 112 kW, always with a six-speed manual.

The electric version is rated for a payload of 1.6 tons and despite the total weight of 4 tons, it can be driven with group B. The diesel version can be loaded up to 2 tons. Both the diesel and the electric car have the same towing capacity of 2.5 tonnes. For easier loading, the side doors are 40 mm wider and the loading area has been extended by 100 mm. Those who do not need a van can choose from a wide range of other bodies, including a tipper.

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The interior boasts a higher level of digitization, especially when it comes to the instrument panel. The tough upholstery better withstands daily use, while the heated windshield and seats bring comfort in the winter months.

Due to the preferences for city driving, especially for the electric version, the turning diameter has been reduced by 1.5 m. The active anti-collision assistant has a half-faster response. Furthermore, the car is equipped with an intelligent braking system that distributes the effect according to the load and weight distribution, monitoring the driver’s vigilance and a tire pressure sensor. The automaker gives the new Nissan Interstar a 5-year warranty limited to 160,000 km and 8 years with the same mileage limit for the battery in the case of the electric variant.