Just a day after Bluesky, an open source alternative to Twitter, opened its platform to the public, it noted enormous increase in users. He specifically knowsce than 850,000 new usersbringing the total number of subscribers to just over 4 million.

The service was approx year in invite-only beta and at the time of its official opening to the public it had just over 3 million users. It currently has almost 4.1 million registered users and the number continues to grow rapidly.

Bluesky CEO Jay Graber said Bluesky had plans grow at a slower rateso that it can build the platform and the underlying protocol without pressure, which can cause a sudden sharp increase. Some of those fears have been borne out over the past day, with a spike in activity leading to some technical problems on the website, including issues with the app’s own channels and a brief outage overnight. According to the company, the outage was resolved within hours.

Although Bluesky may look a bit like Threads or X, it’s a completely different kind of platform and part of a growing movement for decentralized social media. According to Graber, its open-source protocol works like permanently open API and dozens of developers are already working on the site. Bluesky also offers users more customization optionssuch as custom algorithms and the ability to choose your own content moderation settings.

However, Bluesky’s future success will largely depend on her succeeding to maintain the growth and interest of all new users.

Source: engadget.com