Its shapes are legendary, its style unsurpassed and its performances are not to be thrown away either. What else to build it from the ground up?

The SpeedKore workshop has completed a number of top-notch projects – in addition to muscle cars with carbon fairings, it has also been able to serve very demanding customers. For example, she built a Charger with a carbon fiber body and a thousand-horsepower eight-cylinder Hemi “Hellephant” for comedian Kevin Hart, Iron Man Robert Downey Jr. again a tuned BMW CS 3.0 and for Captain America Chris Evans a Chevy Camaro in a minimalist style with motifs of the famous superhero. For another demonstration of their skill, they prepared a Charger nicknamed Ghost.

Comedian Kevin Hart had a crazy retro beast built for him.  It has 1014 horses under the hood

SpeedKore president Jim Kacmarcik says it’s the most advanced Charger in the world — perhaps that’s why it has so little in common with the original Dodge. Its basis is its own chassis with a larger gauge and wheelbase, fitted with a unique carbon fairing and reinforced with a protective frame. By the way, the floor is also made of carbon fiber. The front grille is milled from pre-cast aluminum, the front and rear lights are custom work.

Dodge Challenger R/T 392 HEMI TEST: A fiery elephant in a china shop

The front axle uses double wishbones from Detroit Speed, the rear is a multi-link of our own design. The adjustable shock absorbers were supplied by Penske, the front six-piston brakes and the rear four-piston brakes carry the Brembo brand. Drilled floating discs up front are 14 inches in diameter. Under the hood we find Dodge’s 6.2-liter supercharged eight-cylinder from the Hellcat models. It breathes better thanks to the filling pipe of its own design, and the leads leading to the rear MagnaFlow shock absorbers are also different from the serial version. More than 520 kW of power goes to the wheels via a Tremec six-speed manual and a carbon cardan. There are so many changes that the result can be considered a completely new car – and an extremely successful one at that.