The new Fiat 600 arrived as a more practical alternative to the cute little five hundred. It runs on electricity and in the promotional price list from CZK 799,900 it is one of the most affordable electric cars in the category. Now his peppered sibling Abarth 600e rushed to support him.

The Italian manufacturer is keeping the details to itself for now. However, he revealed that the polished novelty has 240 horsepower and, at least according to the first published photo, it willingly drives sideways. In the picture you can see a piece from the limited edition Scorpionissima with an extravagant Hypersonic Purple paint job. Only 1,949 such cars will be produced as a celebration of the 75th anniversary of the founding of the company with a scorpion in its emblem.

Compared to the classic 600, the sports version is distinguished by 20″ wheels with wider tires, reinforced brakes, and even a self-lock between the front wheels. The sharper shaping of the bumper is also different, and the rear spoiler cannot be overlooked.

Photo: Fiat

Just for comparison, this is how tame a six hundred in civilian clothes looks.

This is not the first Fiat 600 that has been modified by Abarth. Already in the 1950s and 1960s – when Abarth was still an independent tuner – the company modified the engines and bodies of the 600s.

Photo: Dream Wheels

The original “six hundred” from Abarth were really sharp shots.

As the domestic representation of the Fiat and Abarth brands confirmed to us at the beginning of this year, the future of the sports manufacturer should be purely electric, but it intends to continue on the Czech market.

Parent company Fiat is heading towards something similar, but it is not giving up combustion engines yet. He confirmed that the new 600 will soon also arrive with a petrol 1200, which could reduce the purchase price of the model to a particularly interesting value.