The Czech market is extremely interested in the Subaru BRZ and GR86. Both cars are being discontinued this year, but a few pieces are still in stock.

This year is the last year you’ll be able to buy the Subaru BRZ and Toyota GR86 sports coupes. Subaru is currently sold from 1,030,000 CZK, while Toyota starts at 950,000 CZK. But honestly, it’s already almost five minutes past twelve, so if you’re hesitating, you have one last chance. There is extreme interest in these cars in the Czech Republic. At the same time, the option that the manufacturer would take pity on begging customers, as was the case with the Dodge Durango Hellcat or the Audi R8, is also dropped.

Both cars will be killed by legislation, but surprisingly emissions have no hand in it. The reason is the adoption of the “General Safety Regulations 2” standard, i.e. new safety equipment standards valid from 31.8.2024. But adapting to the new standard would require extensive changes to the cars, especially due to the mandatory monitoring of road signs. Subaru would have to redesign the entire EyeSight system. For Toyota, this would mean redesigning the slope of the hood and therefore half of the car. In addition, the changes would affect the dynamic driving characteristics that make people buy the BRZ and GT86.

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It was precisely because of the legislation that Subaru Corporation initially hesitated whether to embark on the European homologation of the modernized model at all. However, under the pressure of the dealers, the position was reconsidered and the old continent also received the allocation. Originally, the quota for the Czech market was set at 50 cars, which corresponded to the annual sales of the previous generation of both models. We sold 250 units of the first BRZ in eight years.

But everything changed with the successor. In recent years, the Czech representative office has experienced such an excess of demand that it demanded triple deliveries from the already limited production from the Japanese headquarters. Of the original 50 pieces, 282 BRZs of the second generation were imported. Toyota closed 230 orders, doubling the original number of cars intended for the Czech Republic.

Production orders were placed last October, with the last cars arriving in European warehouses in January. Subaru was initially concerned about overestimating the European order, but interest continues to grow. In the Czech market alone, the BRZ reached 192 registrations last year and the Toyota GR86 received 180 registrations.

These cars must be registered by August 31. For later registrations, it will be necessary to negotiate an exception for the given VIN at the Ministry of Transport, which will postpone the deadline by a year as part of the aftersale. As a result, no Subaru BRZ will be registered as new after August 31, 2025. But it is foolish to think that the cars will lie idle for that long.

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Deliveries of already ordered BRZs are currently covered, while an estimated 40 more units have been ordered by Subaru dealers for stock. Of the ten markets where the Subaru BRZ is sold, the Czech one is among the strongest. True, Germany registered 280 units last year, but it is also much larger. Therefore, 192 Czech registrations is an extraordinary success. Third Spain realized 100 registrations.

Toyota will also deliver all ordered cars, plus 55 units in reserve. This is the GR86 series in Executive trim with a 2.4-liter engine and a six-speed manual. The GR86 is also extremely successful here. For comparison, 135 orders in Slovakia and 57 cars ordered in Hungary do not even come close to the 230 signed contracts in the Czech Republic.


The beginnings of the Japanese Subaru are in 1917 in a company producing military aircraft. In the 1950s, it changed its name to the current Fuji Heavy Industries, and in 1954 the first car was created. Currently, the company is called Subaru Corporation.

The use of boxer engines and all-wheel drive is typical for Subaru.

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