Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced that Google One recently acquired 100 million subscribers. Google One is an all-in-one subscription service that makes other free services availablesuch as Gmail, Drive and Photos, and also offers access to other features.

Achieving this milestone is an important indicator for the company that it is eating manages to get users to subscribe to services (as part of this effort, for example, Google ended free unlimited storage for photos on Google Drive). It took Google’s YouTube Premium service nine years, but it too recently reached 100 million subscribers, thanks to the removal of ads and the addition of additional features.

Google also presented the new AI Premium subscription plan. Similar to the $100-a-year Google One Premium plan, it offers 2TB of storage and other features like VPN and dark web monitoring, and provides access to the enhanced version of Gemini, which is the new name for the Barda chatbot, and will soon add access to these generative AI features inside services like Gmail and Docs. But it is twice as expensive (that is, at $200 per year).