Patent images of a mysterious Fiat car have appeared on the Internet, which, however, looks similar to the Centoventi concept from 2019. And it was a prototype of the future Panda generation.

Another hint can be some larger or smaller details, for example the overall proportions, rather more angular bodywork, the design of the headlights and the location of the front fog lights, styling in the form of a crossover or perhaps a design element next to the right front lamp, which we think refers to the first generation Panda.

After all, the head of Fiat Olivier François let it be known last year that the novelty is inspired by the original Panda from the eighties. Of course, it will also be in terms of design.

Photo: Fiat

The original Panda from the 1980s was tiny and very simple, but also a very affordable and cleverly designed car. No wonder it became a hit.

The timing of the premiere is also interesting. This year, the Italian car manufacturer is not only preparing to introduce the new generation, but will also reveal the modernization of the current version. The third generation will stay with us for a few more years.

This is partly due to the fact that the successor, at least initially, should be offered exclusively with an electric drive. In order to have something to offer those interested in a small and simple car with an internal combustion engine, Fiat will keep the current Panda alive for some time, which it will rejuvenate this year.

We still have to wait for details on the technology of the new electric generation. The Italian media often mentions the affinity with the electric Citroën C3 and the use of a “Smart Car” platform derived from the current CMP. The propulsion could be provided by an electric motor with a capacity of 83 kW (113 hp) drawing energy from an LFP (lithium-iron-phosphate) battery with a capacity of 44 kWh. This should be enough for a range of almost 320 km in the Citroën C3 – of course according to the WLTP cycle.

However, the advantage of the Smart Car platform is the possibility of installing internal combustion engines, so it is possible that we will also see power units (probably three-cylinder) burning gasoline in the new Panda.

The presentation of the new generation of Fiat Panda should take place on July 11.