Škoda Fabia is a very widespread hatchback, which every tenth motorist in the Czech Republic drives, however, this model also offered several very limited versions. This is, for example, an RS version (especially Swiss Blue), or a sedan in pistachio color, i.e. a sedan with a 2.0 MPI 85 kW engine.

Foto: Iconic Auctioneers

Only 24 Škoda Fabia WRC specials were produced.

However, an even rarer rarity has now appeared for sale, namely one of the 24 Fabia WRC specials produced. Although this purely racing car did not achieve title positions, it participated in a number of events and opened the door to the successor of the Fabia S2000 and later the Fabia R5. In addition, such legends as Roman Kresta, Jan Kopecký or even Colin McRae sat behind the wheel (WRC)!

In 2020, this specimen underwent a rebuild, which returned it to the original WRC factory shine and design used in 2003.

Foto: Iconic Auctioneers

The interior has a roll cage, sports seats and a simple steering wheel.

The body will therefore offer wide fenders, protruding bumpers, a large rear wing and white OZ wheels with asphalt tires. Inside is a roll cage, Sparco racing seats, otherwise the interior is shaved down to the bone after racing.

Under the hood is a two-liter turbocharged four-cylinder gasoline engine with an output of 221 kW, i.e. 300 horsepower. The 600 Nm torque is sent by a six-speed sequential gearbox to all four wheels via three active differentials.

This scented special with racing history is for sale on eBay and is located in the UK. Its seller set a price of 240,000 pounds, which is about 7 million crowns in our currency. But as soon as you go to the company’s website, you will find out that it will be an auction that will take place on February 23, 2024 with an upper estimated price of up to 280,000 pounds, which would be 8.2 million crowns.

One way or another, for this money you are looking at the most expensive Fabia on the market, with which you can enter historic rallies and whose value will only increase. It’s actually a great investment!