The brand new Chinese SUV is called the BYD Yuan Up and it expands the brand’s already diverse electrified model line, which is gradually expanding to European markets. The novelty has a few frills on the body – it is worth noting the unusual division of the front bumper, the shaping of the side sills or the rear light signature.

The shape is, however, a typical SUV with a practical angular body, but carefully smoothed for aerodynamic reasons. But we can’t help it, its shapes remind us of a recent novelty from Smart. Someone probably copied from whom…?

Photo: WORLD

Chinese designers like to “draw inspiration” from other brands, so the shapes and details of the new BYD model are somewhat familiar to us.

The car is 4.3 meters long, so it is slightly smaller than, for example, the Škoda Karoq. The car wears light alloy wheels, has diode lighting technology and digital alarm clocks inside. So it is definitely not a piece gnawed to the bone, but a decently equipped car that could satisfy even some European customers.

You will soon have several options to choose from. The basic one gets an electric motor with a power of 70 kW and a battery with a capacity of 32 kWh. The Chinese range measurement cycle is very generous, as it says that even with a smaller battery, the vehicle should travel over 300 kilometers. Realistically, we would lean more towards two hundred. For more demanding customers, an even stronger electric motor with a power of 150 kW is available, supplemented by a larger battery with a capacity of 45.1 kWh, the car could travel up to 400 km on it.

However, the biggest attraction of the Yuan Up model is clearly its favorable price tag. BYD is launching the new product on the market with a price starting at 100,000 yuan, which translates to almost 327,000 CZK. Just for the sake of interest, the most affordable electric car on the Czech market today is the Dacia Spring with a price starting at CZK 576,400. Even the cheapest Fabia on tins with manual air conditioning and liter atmosphere is more expensive today, its price list starts at 369,900 CZK. Of course, when imported to the Czech Republic, the new BYD would cost significantly more than in its homeland, but it still looks like an attractive offer…