According to available information, Apple Cash is likely to be offered in the beta version of iOS 17.4 soon virtual card number, which can be used to shop online in cases where Apple Pay is not available. The new feature promises a new security code for every transaction. The number will be available in Safari’s Autofill application.

In beta, Apple Cash users are prompted to virtual card number setting. Once they do, they can view the number through the Settings menu, including the card number, expiration date, and security code. The number is separate from the number used for Apple Pay transactions and will be subject to change.

The Apple Cash card is similar to a debit card and allows you to send and receive money through Apple Pay and the Messages app. Funds can be stored, it can be linked to a bank account or other debit card, and money can be transferred back and forth. Apple Pay cashback earnings are paid out as Apple Cash and the funds can be used to pay off Apple Pay balances.

Apple Cash was previously operated on the Discover network, but Apple switched to the Visa network as early as 2022. However, until now, Apple Cash did not have a card number, so it was not possible to use it online. The feature is currently in beta for iOS 17.4, due in March.