Suzuki’s latest incentive is called Bonusovka, and according to the automaker, it is not an action with hooks or restrictions. This time-limited winter offer includes discounts on all of the brand’s personal models, from the Ignis to the Swift and Swace to the SUV Vitara, S-Cross and plug-in hybrid Across. All models also come with a five-year warranty limited to 150,000 kilometers.

Photo: Lukáš Kukla

The best deals are the Vitara and the S-Cross.

For the best-selling Vitara and S-Cross models, you also get free fuel for more than a quarter of a year, i.e. a fuel card charged to CZK 15,000, which with a consumption of 6.5 liters per hundred is enough for 6,410 km. And since the Czech average annual mileage is 20,000 km and the current average price of gasoline is CZK 36/l, you have been on it for more than a quarter of a year.

In addition, an additional discount of CZK 15,000 and CZK 25,000 is available for the first 200 buyers of the Vitara models and the first 300 buyers of the S-Cross SUV.

In terms of total figures, you will therefore fundamentally save on the Vitara, when the total discount including fuel and bonus for first-time buyers is up to CZK 86,000, depending on the selected equipment, while for the S-Cross, under the same conditions, it is up to CZK 88,000.

Photo: Hungarian Suzuki Corporation

The event also applies to the sporty Suzuki Swift.

The compact SUV Ignis and the stylish hatchback Swift are offered with a discount of up to CZK 11,000, while the sports version of the Swift Sport can be purchased for CZK 16,000 cheaper thanks to Bonusovka.

The discount record holder in price concessions is the plug-in hybrid Suzuki Across with a discount equal to CZK 270,000, while the Suzuki Swace can be purchased with a discount of up to CZK 50,000.

Model Special price from
Suzuki Ignis 374,900 CZK
Suzuki Swift 369,900 CZK
Suzuki Swift Sport 565,900 CZK
Suzuki Vitara 496,900 CZK
Suzuki S-Cross 519,900 CZK
Suzuki Swace 683,900 CZK
Suzuki Across 1,289,900 CZK
Model price from
Suzuki Jimny N1 575,900 CZK

The promotion only applies to passenger cars, so if you want a Jimny, which at the time was sold in the N1 category (light truck), you have to shell out 575,900 CZK, however, even in its price list, this price is listed as a promotional price, even if it does not apply to the Bonus car.

The bonus offer is valid until March 31, 2024, while the car must be handed over no later than April 30, 2024. The promotion applies to both passenger cars in stock and those ordered for production.