Following a preliminary ruling in December, a federal judge ordered Elon Musk to comply with a subpoena from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and he testified again at her inquest in connection with the takeover of Twitter.

Musk and the SEC now have a week to agree on a time and place to meet, according to the order filed in a California court on Saturday night. If they don’t, it will be decided for them.

The SEC has been investigating Musk’s purchase of Twitter (now X) since 2022, due to strange circumstances, under which it occurred. Musk first acquired a minority stake, but the authorities informed belatedly until April 2022. Then he announced that he planned to buy Twitter in its entirety, but then he wanted to cancel the already concluded agreement. He completed the transaction only under the threat of the court.

The court order follows after Musk in September he did not show up for the deposition and later refused to participate, prompting the SEC to file suit. U.S. Magistrate Judge Laurel Beeler sided with the SEC after Musk tried to challenge its subpoena, which he says demands irrelevant information and is harassment because he has already been subpoenaed twice. However, the SEC says it obtained new documents related to the investigation and has additional questions for X’s owner.