The hunt for “dirty” cars means an extremely hefty premium for French buyers of a sharp hatchback.

The facelifted Toyota GR Yaris goes on sale, and in the land of the Gallic Rooster, both the manual transmission version and the newly offered automatic already have their price tag. For the record, let’s remind you that the current model has 206 kW from its turbocharged three-cylinder with a volume of 1.5 liters instead of the original 192 kW and 30 Nm more torque – now 390 Nm. It will also offer a stiffer body thanks to a higher number of welds, a new dashboard with controls and a digital instrument panel, a lower driver’s seat and a number of other minor improvements.

The sharp Toyota GR Yaris got an automatic transmission and extra power.  Inside, it's mainly about the driver

On the French market, a model with a manual transmission costs 46,300 euros, and a customer there will pay 48,800 euros for an automatic. At least that’s what the price list says, but an emission fee, the so-called “malus écologique” must be added to this money – and it’s very hefty. The French market has been penalizing vehicles with high emissions for several years, and for 2024 there has been further tightening.

It now applies to vehicles according to their CO emissions2 per kilometer, measured according to the WLTP standard. The penalty starts for vehicles with emissions of 118 grams of CO2 per kilometer where €50 is charged and increases gradually depending on the amount of CO emitted2. For vehicles with emissions of more than 193 grams of CO2 a maximum of €60,000 – CZK 1.5 million is charged per kilometer.

Kalle Rovanperä and Sebastian Ogier tuned the Toyota GR Yaris.  The editions are ready for both rally and drift

GR Yaris with manual transmission according to WLTP emits 190 g of CO2 per kilometer, which means a minus of €45,900. The automatic version has 210 grams, which makes it the highest category with a margin. In total, the French customer will pay 2.3 million crowns for the manual and 2.7 million for the automatic. Nice catfish. For full-blooded supersports, this would mean forgoing custom paint and better wheels, but for a sharp little hatchback that should be available as a base, these are liquidation surcharges. Even so, according to the Caradisiac website, 300 units of the GR Yaris are headed for the French market.