Monetary penalties derived from tabulated CO2 emissions are becoming standard practice in Europe. Norway, the Netherlands, but also France have been applying them for some time. It has been “punishing” motorists purchasing especially sports cars for several years, but for the year 2024 the fees are rising to absurd heights.

For example, you can buy the sporty hot hatch Toyota GR Yaris in the Czech Republic from 990,000 CZK. According to the price list, French applicants must prepare CZK 1,166,000 in conversion. However, those penalties are added to the standard price, which are calculated on the basis of tabulated CO2 emissions. And suddenly the price for a car with a 260-horsepower three-cylinder is double!

How is it possible? There is no extra charge for cars with emissions up to 117 g/km. For 118 grams, the fine is already 50 euros and gradually increases to 60,000 euros for cars with 194 or more grams of CO2 per kilometer in the tables. The GR Yaris with a manual transmission produces 190 g of CO2/km according to the WLTP, in the case of an automatic it is even 210 grams. In practice, a car costs from 2.3 to 2.7 million crowns on the local market!

Photo: Jakub Deml

Fooling around with the GR Yaris will be very expensive in France.

It wasn’t always so dramatic. Just two years ago, you would have paid “only” 300,000 crowns in emission penalties for an angry Yaris, the brutal increase in prices only happened after the new year. Therefore, whoever hesitated to buy a sports car was very foolish. Nevertheless, Toyota believes in itself and this year has set aside 300 units of its rally-inspired special for the French market.

The paradox is that not only huge cars with bulky engines have to pay a hefty fine of up to 1.5 million crowns. Those interested in sports four-cylinders, such as the Toyota GR86, Supra or Subaru BRZ, will also work their way up to the maximum amount of the penalty.

Photo: BMW

The biggest paradox? Such a BMW XM with an eight-cylinder engine and a curb weight of 2.6 tons costs nothing extra. As it is a plug-in hybrid, the tables only report 40 g/km.

Does it suddenly occur to you that we complain unnecessarily often about the Czech prices of (not only) sports cars?