Cupra Born users will know where to charge reliably.

The Born model is currently the only electric car in the Cupra range. Its compact size is especially suitable for the city, where there are a large number of charging stations, but even then you can sometimes encounter complications related to performance or functionality.

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For more security on the road, the automaker is launching the Cupra Charging Map application. It can be downloaded for free via the on-board infotainment in the In-car Store, or in the MyCUPRA application, where you can find the MyCUPRA app store.

The app shows a map with 620,000 charging points registered in the Cupra Charging Service. Thanks to this, you have an overview of charging in 27 European countries. Information is shared with navigation, making it easier to plan longer trips.

You can choose the nearest and best-rated charger in the area. The application allows you to write and display the evaluation of individual points, including the services provided. That way, you know in advance what to expect at the given location.