The best-selling brand of hybrid cars remains Toyota with 1,067 cars, followed by Škoda Auto with 442 cars and BMW third with 346 vehicles. The most popular model is the Škoda Octavia with 433 units sold, ahead of the Toyota Corolla (420).

“One of the attractions that Czech companies are becoming interested in is state support for the purchase of electric cars or hydrogen cars. At Toyota, we supplement this step with our own subsidy for hybrid cars, which are not covered by state support. Toyota’s hybrid subsidy amounts to up to 240,000 crowns, and in addition to the state subsidy, it is available not only for legal entities, but also for natural persons,” said Martin Peleška, CEO of Toyota and Lexus CR.

Tesla sold the most electric cars on the Czech market (116) in January. Domestic Škoda finished second with 88 Enyaq cars sold, and third is Volkswagen with 41 cars. According to data from one of the largest retailers, Louda Auto, the demand for electric cars tripled in January due to the launched subsidy call. However, this increase will be reflected in the statistics only in the following months. “However, it is still only a matter of units, a maximum of dozens of requests for each of our twelve brands of new cars,” said Louda Auto sales director Martin Feller.

According to Feller, the demand for new cars, measured by the number of new orders, is slightly lower than last year at the beginning of the year for most brands. This goes against the significantly higher number of orders in the last weeks of last year, when companies and entrepreneurs ordered cars using the expiring tax benefits.

In January, 20,361 new passenger cars were sold in the Czech Republic, which is 18.8 percent more year-on-year. Škoda has traditionally been the best-selling brand.