Escort, Sierra, Scorpio, Orion… the now half-forgotten Ford models were once among the pillars of the blue oval. The brand was extremely successful in Europe, and Germany was one of the most important markets. This is where the footage of the abandoned dealership comes from, in which several beautiful car pieces from the 1980s are still kept.

The showroom reminiscent of a ghost town is located at an unspecified location in Ingolstadt, roughly 3.5 hours and 350 kilometers from the Rozvadovo border crossing. A team from the YouTube channel Auto Retro set out to find it on their own, traveling over 1,600 kilometers from Great Britain, although the result was uncertain. They found the abandoned store via internet maps, but the last pictures were ten years old. So it wasn’t sure if the old Fords were still there.

But it was worth it! They arrived at the location and discovered a shop with several untouched cars from the mid-eighties. After watching the video, some users found it strange that the cars have been standing here for almost four decades, but the ravages of time haven’t taken their toll on them (or on the shop itself). And there was a romantic explanation…

Photo: / Retro car

The cars look well preserved for their age, don’t they? There is a reason for it!

Based on the video, a source contacted the creators with more detailed information. At one time, it was an extremely successful car dealership, which also had a warehouse with around 300 cars, half of which were Fords. However, in 1994, the owner of the dealership died and the property went to the family, who sold most of the cars. The owner’s widow kept these few Fords as a memorial to her husband.

What’s more, she regularly went to the closed dealership a few years ago and cleaned it, as well as taking care of the cars themselves. That’s also why, after so many years, they look like they just came off the production line… that is, except for a small layer of dust. The woman is still alive, but some time ago she moved to a nursing home, and since then the Ford showroom has remained untouched. So the entire video is not staged, as it might seem at first glance, but on the contrary enriched with a very nice story.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed, hopefully it won’t just fall into disrepair and someone from the family will continue the legacy of the original merchant. Stored cars are not rarities or specialties, but displaying or operating them could give someone great pleasure in the future!

What do you think will happen to this dealership?

It decays and falls into oblivion.

The family takes care of the collection and keeps it.

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