Illuminated in the Czech Republic, but e.g. solved in Germany only in the form of a sheet metal plate. This is an additional green arrow allowing you to turn right even when the main traffic light is red. However, many drivers forget the essential thing – the right of way. So do you know what the rules are? We will tell you about them with Pavel Greiner from the King Driving School.

That is, as soon as the additional arrow on the right is lit, you can turn right, but you must give way to all vehicles approaching from the left in the same direction. In short, then they have priority and you have to give it to them.

Photo: Jan Majurník

Pavel Greiner points to a tin supplementary arrow in Germany.

Here in the Czech Republic, green additional arrows are usually set so that they light up in cases where it is safe and you have a clear road, however, in other European countries this may not be the case, i.e. the illuminated arrow can be replaced by an ordinary sheet plate allowing permanent turning.

Attention, the additional arrow can also point straight (or straight and to the right), in which case you again give priority to everyone who would cross your path. So, purely theoretically, even those vehicles that would have a full-fledged green light and turn left. However, this case should not happen in our region.

Photo: Jan Majurník

The additional arrow allows you to legally pass the intersection even when the main traffic light is red, but remember that you have to give way to others.

So don’t forget, at the additional arrow (illuminated, permanent metal one) you can turn or drive in the direction shown, but always give priority to others. So don’t be afraid to use these arrows, they are installed in places just to speed up traffic.