The offer applies to almost the entire model portfolio. Some are discounts of a few thousand, others more than a quarter of a million.

The Czech representative office of the Japanese car manufacturer Suzuki also offers customers New Year’s discounts and bonuses, while the favorable offers apply to almost all models. Naturally, the most bonuses refer to the best-selling ones. The popular Vitara is now discounted up to CZK 86,000. Up to CZK 46,000 of that (depending on equipment) is a discount, after that you get free fuel worth CZK 15,000 and last but not least there is a bonus of CZK 25,000 for the first 200 customers.

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The second model is the S-Cross, where you get a bonus of up to CZK 48,000 depending on the equipment you choose. There is also free fuel for CZK 15,000 and an extraordinary bonus of CZK 25,000 for the fastest, of which there will be 300 in this case. The Ignis model has discounts of up to CZK 11,000, while the basic version has a discount of only CZK 4,000. However, the basic price of CZK 374,900 is already as attractive as the car itself.

It is basically the same for the Swift model, only the maximum discount is CZK 10,000. The sports version of the Swift Sport with a 1.4 BoosterJet engine with an output of 95 kW (129 hp) is not far behind. Here the bonus is 16,000 CZK and the price is 565,900 CZK. Only two-tone bodywork is available at an additional cost of CZK 9,000. With a discount, you can also buy the Swace model, which is related to the Toyota Corolla Touring Sports, with 50,000 CZK down, you can get the Elegance equipment for 769,900 CZK.

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Finally, we have a bonus for the Across model, which is essentially a Toyota RAV4 in disguise with a plug-in hybrid drive and a range of 75 km on electricity. Here is a really big bonus of 270,000 CZK, which makes the price 1,289,900 CZK. The car is now much cheaper than its sister Toyota, which starts at 1,450,000 CZK. The discount offer at Suzuki is valid until March 31.


Suzuki is a Japanese manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles. Michio Suzuki founded a weaving machine manufacturing company in 1909, the first car prototype was created in 1937.

Suzuki also has its factories in India, Pakistan or Hungary, and cooperates with a number of car companies.

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