It looks like an expedition special, but of course the firm, harder terrain will laugh at you. But the potential is definitely there.

Also, the Hyundai car company often resorts to different concepts and conversions for different sectors of entertainment behind the wheel, whether it is motorsport or off-roading. However, remember the Santa Cruz pickup, which even participated in the Rebelle Rally. The brand is now trying to underline its potential in the world of adventure with the Kona concept model called Jayde, which was presented at the SEMA tuning show in America.

With the new Hyundai Kona Electric in the Beskydy: He's fine at home!  And you will be with him too

You can associate the car’s name with its color, as Jade, originally Jadeite, is a jade-green gemstone. This in conjunction with the black painted parts of the car (bumpers, sills, fenders or window lines) created a nice contrast. But now I’m going to throw a pitchfork at you, because the car is called Jayde, but its color is Robin egg blue. What is it? It is a shade of blue named after the eggs laid by the American robin.

Now that you have expanded your horizons about poultry, we can move on to the car itself. Honestly, at first glance, no one would think that it was some kind of brutal expedition special, although it may seem that way at first glance, but it has road tires and even shorter Eibach springs. Like most of the cars at SEMA, its purpose is more to play for effect, and it succeeds, as the result looks pretty cool.

The new Hyundai Kona Electric finally has Czech prices!  We even have our own Czech Edition equipment

Bodywork accessories such as side skirts and front bumper were supplied by Air Design. The wheels on the car are HRE 520M, one piece costs about 1700 dollars. Much cheaper is the Thule Pulse Alpine roof box, which, according to the specifications, costs around 15,000 crowns. Inside you will find beautiful Recaro seats with checkered centers with a colorful exterior theme. To top it all off, a Vintage Electric Rally electric bike is ready at the back.