We will all knock on heaven’s gate at some point, whether from a hospital bed or perhaps from the driver’s or passenger’s seat. The reality is that traveling by car is a particularly risky form of transport, which, paradoxically, cannot be said about air travel.

Anyway, many people have died in a car or other vehicle, many of them even famous. But can you remember in which models? Try our quiz about cars and other vehicles for the last journey of world history personalities, but to make it (not) easy, we’ll hide the hint in the accompanying pictures.

1. Which car was fatal for Reich Protector Reinhard Heydrich during his journey on May 27, 1942?

Photo: Tomáš Kopečný

2. If we don’t count the trip by ambulance, which car did Princess Diana last drive in?

Photo: archive of the car company

3. Former United States President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was hit by a projectile in an open car named?

Photo: archive of the car company

4. American rapper Tupac Amaru Shakur was shot in a car?

Foto: Celebrity Cars

5. Singer Petr Sepeši died in a car accident at a railway crossing. In what car?

Photo: archive of the car company

6. Did Bonnie and Clyde find death together in a car?

Photo: archive of the car company

7. Actor Paul Walker died in a refined sports car. It’s about?

Photo: archive of the car company

8. Ken Block was killed while driving…

Photo: Hoonigans

9. Czech motorcycle racer Gustav Havel (left) died in hospital after an accident at?

Photo: Tomáš Hyan

10. The reason for the death of a racer named Ayrton Senna was an accident. In what motorized vehicle?

Photo: F1

So, have you checked all the answers? If so, evaluate the test.

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