It’s a Kia again and again battery powered, albeit slightly larger. In the older model, he survived a terrible looking accident.

The Kia brand celebrated 30 years of activity on the Czech market and on this occasion handed over the keys to the new EV9 model to the owner of the club Rytíra Kladno and the famous hockey player Jaromír Jágr. As a brand ambassador, he has plenty of experience with Korean cars, including a less pleasant one.

In his earlier EV6, he had a rough-looking traffic accident where he veered into the path of a moving tram. “I thought it was the end of me. I have always believed that a higher power has a protective hand over me, and today I was convinced of it again. Thank God! And she also surprised me and actually saved my Kia, from which I got out unharmed, despite how threatening it looked.” stated earlier about the incident on social media.

Kia EV6 saved Jaromír Jágr's life in a rough-looking accident.  A little while later we learned why it happened

When receiving the keys from the CEO of the Czech representative office of Kia, Arnošta Barny, Jaromír Jágr recalled the previous cars: V partnership with Kia is important to me mutual satisfaction and respect. With every car I’ve driven from Kia, whether it was the Stinger, the plug-in hybrid Sorento, the electric Niro or now the latest EV6, I’ve had and am 100% satisfied. And not only with cars, but also with service. The services provided by Kia are important to me, because I know that whenever I call, I have the guarantee of a handshake.” said the hockey player and added: “The EV9 is bigger than I expected anyway.” – you can notice it in the photos, Jágr is 189 centimeters tall.

Kia EV9 passed the moose test.  Despite its weight, it performed very well, similar to the Mercedes

“Once I get used to the car, I can safely drive in the stadium with our snowmobile, which prepares the ice for us,” Jágr joked that it would be worth measuring the strengths of both vehicles. CEO of Kia Czech Arnošt Barna concluded everything by saying: “It could be even in this imaginary match. The EV9 has the upper hand in terms of dimensions and equipment, while the EV9 has the upper hand in terms of performance. So the driver would decide, and we’re betting on Jaromír with the EV9 anyway.”