However, according to police statistics, scooter users, i.e. de facto drivers, are quite dangerous. In 2023, there were 499 accidents involving scooters, of which the scooter was the culprit in 403 cases. And we have more than 80% danger.

Of the total number of traffic accidents for the year 2023 of 94,945 cases, 78,116 of them were caused by the driver of a motor vehicle (411 died), which also makes more than 80% dangerous.

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Out of a total of 499 accidents involving scooters, the scooter rider was at fault in 403 cases.

A total of 4 scooter users died in scooter accidents, and in all cases they themselves were to blame. It is sad that alcohol played a role in 38.2% of accidents involving scooter users.

Other figures reveal that drivers of e-scooters crash most often (86.4%), as they were involved in 348 collisions (including 3 deaths). Scooters with internal combustion engines crashed four times, one of them fatally. Classic kick scooters were then involved in accidents in 51 cases, with no fatalities.

It is therefore not surprising that compulsory insurance has been introduced for selected scooters, which means that in some countries small registration plates for these means of transport also work. It is also worth remembering that a scooter is regarded as a bicycle under the legislation, which results in the rights but also the obligations of their drivers.

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